How to Create Content Easier

Many people struggle with how to get going with their writing and start creating content. Whether it’s a book they want to write or an article for business, the blank page or blinking cursor is a bringer of doom.

But it doesn’t need to be that way! In our writing groups I teach a process I learned over a decade ago, to help start the words flowing, to turn on the tap if you will. With all things, the more you practice the easier it will get.

This technique, called freefall writing, automatic writing, morning pages, or many others, will allow you to go deeper and get out of your own way, reducing writers block.

This is by no means the only way to bust through these blocks, but it is one I have personally used for over 10 years and has helped me publish 10 books, as well as helped hundreds of others in my groups and coaching practice to find healing and solutions as well as complete books and publish content for their business with reduced time and effort.

Here is a brief overview to see if it can help you start or continue your daily writing practice. Approach it with an open mind and give it a try. What do you have to lose?

1. The first step is to start with a guided meditation to get out of your own way and leave the buzzing of your regular life, even for a moment. You can find these online, but here are some I’ve recorded for my groups

2. Then prepare to freefall or automatically write for 10-15 mins.

You can do this for as long as you feel called for but this is generally enough to get past our editor mind and get into the flow. To really embrace this, we turn off our editor, spelling and grammar don’t count. Often when in the flow, your writing will be difficult to read after, this is okay!

In class, we use a starting line so we don’t get stuck. This is chosen for the group, but there are many ways you can get a starting prompt: a line from a song, opening a book and pointing to the first line you see, using a photo, looking up prompts online, you are free to choose. Often after you’ve done this a few times you may hear a phrase in your day that piques your interest that you jot down to use.

If you are writing for your business, many find it helpful to ask a question about the topic they want to write about. “What does automation mean to me?” Etc.

3. And then you can set a timer, or just write without stopping or thinking about it. Allow the words uncensored to flow onto the page, whatever comes out is meant to be.

If you get stuck you can write the starting line again and again until you break through your mind trying to control the experience, and your pen takes off.

Don’t be afraid to write. Depending on the starting line, this method can hit deep and tears are okay, they are healing! And if it just gets words out, that’s perfect too, there are no rules or right and wrong.

4. Then hopefully you will share it!! With me, someone you love, or just send your words out to the world!! You will be surprised who they can touch and the difference you may make in someone’s life!

Many find when they read what they wrote out loud or share it with someone else, their writing has much more impact than they thought. Often people are surprised by what they created when they are in the flow. Many times, it only needs minimal editing for sharing with a wider audience.

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