Contest Alert!

I want to spread some cheer and refocus on good. So **free contest alert**

Comment 3 things (or more!) you are grateful for, and you will be entered to win the prize in the box. The prize consists of 3 surprise items.

This contest is open to everyone, no matter your location (packaging may not be as shown for certain locations, same prizes though lol)

This is a contest across all my pages, profiles and groups, on all platforms. If you comment in multiple places, it counts for multiple entries (1 per spot) draw held Monday morning for one winner.

Stay tuned for more contests in the coming days!

❤ I am grateful for the love of my pets
❤ I am grateful for my creativity and ideas
❤ I am grateful for healthy food to eat
❤ I am grateful for a nice warm home and reliable car
❤ I am grateful for the awesome and inspiring people around me

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