New Moon & Forgiveness

This is one of my favourite cards in the Kris Carr #crazysexylovenotescards deck. Its such a powerful message

Today is the new moon, peaking in just less than an hour. What a powerful time for change. Let go to make room for all the beautiful things on their way to you!!

We are made mostly of water, and we know how strongly the moon can affect the tides, so of course it affects us as well!

New moons are a time of setting our intentions of what we would like to bring into our lives, and focusing on what we need to do to help make that our reality.

πŸ’— who do you need to forgive, and what do you need to release the weight of? (This includes yourself!!)
πŸ’— how do you want to feel?
πŸ’— what would bring more joy and peace to your life?
πŸ’— what stories are you hanging on to, that maybe you would be best served to rewrite what you tell yourself? Write down the rewrite, and reread often!
πŸ’— how can you be more gentle with yourself, kinder and more loving? And with others?
πŸ’— what are some big dreams you can take some baby steps toward in the next couple of weeks?
πŸ’— is there a book that you can start reading to help you with your intentions?

Tell me about what you’re working on and reading πŸ˜ƒ i would love to celebrate you and give you support!

Personalized card pulls from your choice of 10 different decks are 1/$10, 3/$15 for anyone interested, DM me 😍

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