Made of Love Book Author Interview: JennyQ Kuspira

“You need to know what love looks like, and you need to know what your parameters of love are. There’s three things all of us can do—it doesn’t cost money and it will make the world amazing. Share your smile, share your love – anything from holding a door open to saying ‘I love you’ to giving hugs—whatever is safe in your bubble, and share your laughter … it’s going to make someone’s day.”

We are excited to announce…
Releasing 2/2/22…We Are All Made of Love
A collaboration book with 19 inspiring, brave authors sharing stories of connection, synchronicities, spirituality, challenges and triumphs, tributes to special people and animals, and more…
A vulnerable & heartfelt collection that will help restore your faith in humanity and remind you of the true reason we are all here, transcending all odds through love, connected as one with each other…made of love 💗💫
Join me in celebrating our true nature with these incredible authors. We know it will be as special for you reading it, as it has been for us to create it. Stay tuned for our author interviews and more that we are preparing to share with you!
💫📚 We can’t wait to share this book with you 💗

Jenny Kuspira (JennyQ) is a creative soul who was first published in 2017 as a contributor to the book Empowered Hearts, followed by Sweet Treat (2019). Jenny has done many creative things including hosting a video series with her puppet Willy Wuz, performing with the Guelph Guild of Storytellers, organizing an art fundraiser and selling various forms of her artwork such as prints, decorative tiles, note cards and original paintings.

JennyQ is driven by four core beliefs: Happiness, Humour, Respect and Inclusion. She has a passion and purpose to teach and create happiness in all she does. 

Jenny’s artwork is throughout the book and you can contact her for any commissions or reprints of the pieces 

Art page:   Instagram: @jqkcreations  Email:


Pieces: The Four Smiles, Wible the Pretty Gold Daisy, Patience, D&J Universe, art credits

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