January Reflections

January 1st isn’t the only time to set goals…

January 20th isn’t the “blue Monday” end to goals…

Each new day is an opportunity to celebrate all you’ve done, and what you’ve learned, and what is possible for your future!

Today my coach and dear friend and I had a celebration and dance party. We both got dressed up, we chatted about our wins and lessons for January. We “counted down” to noon (midnight) and celebrated like it was new years! We played some high energy dancing songs and we moved our bodies (& our doggies did too!!) And we shared our plans for February. This allows us to check in with each other too. What a beautiful high energy exchange it was!! I look forward to a repeat at the end of February.

This is something you can do too! Treat yourself and honour all you did! Go back over the days, keep a journal or notes of important things that happened. I had FOUR PAGES!! just for January!

And honestly, when I first thought of reflecting I was feeling as if not much had happened, as if I spent a lot of days feeling down, discouraged, unproductive…but when I really looked at all the OTHER days, I was pleasantly surprised at how the little things accumulated to quite a few big realizations.

I’m proud of myself.

This morning, I felt kind of down, like I wanted to avoid our party, and it was strong enough Rachel picked up on it too. But through some quiet reflection of my calendar, social media and gratitude journal, I realized in fact there is a lot I am grateful for.

I can’t wait to see all I get to create in February!!

So how about you?
πŸ’™ What was awesome about January?
πŸ’™ What could you try again, or do better at in the future?
πŸ’™ What lessons did you learn?
πŸ’™ What were some highlights, events or connections that happened?
πŸ’™ What are habits you’d like to change?
πŸ’™ What brought you joy?
πŸ’™ What can you consciously create, intend or plan so you can have the best February yet?

Check out flow.page/andieeygenraam


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