Welcome February! *Love Challenge*

Welcome to a new month! A month of love, Imbolc, and my birthday! (Soon lol)

Typically the shortest month also feels like the longest month in the northern hemisphere because we are settling into winter. So let’s work to shift that perspective and embrace ourselves and gifting to others!

To help lift your spirits and give an extra focus for your month, check out the February Love Challenge 💗 (you can also download the full size pdf from flow.page/andieeygenraam)
it alternates days of an activity focused on self love, and one for others. Feel free to repeat your favourites or do extras, just make sure you’re including both aspects! Enjoy 😍
comment below ⬇️⬇️ with any you’d love to add to it and help give others ideas too!

february love challenge.jpg

Today is also Imbolc which celebrates the halfway point between the winter solstice & spring equinox, with light returning 🌅🌞🔥 typically this is a time to light a candle to welcome back the sun and contemplate on the present moment and the blessings to come. Plant the seeds, literally or metaphorically, that you would like to see grow in the coming months and nurture them to honour yourself and your own growth.

What are you most looking forward to creating this month?
Do you have any special activities planned to enjoy & look forward to, or help you move toward your big goals?
I’d love to hear them and celebrate with you!

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