Fall Releasing and New Moon Manifesting

September has been a time of great energetic change. We had the big Full Moon which fell under a Lunar Eclipse, followed by the Autumn Equinox which helped balance us all out and now we are still in the final energy of the New Moon from Friday. It certainly has been a time of transitions!

The new moon is a time we usually manifest what we desire. However, this year (a “9” year in numerology) has also been about releasing and shedding that which is no longer serving us. This has caused a strong energetic pull lately to do more of this shedding, just like the trees are right now with their leaves so they can blossom beautifully in the spring. As the trees do, we also undergo a dramatic and beautiful shift before we can really let go of all things we no longer need. We will be able to blossom beautifully on the other side of Fall!

We want to be sure that we have let go of as many things as we can. Nature abhors a vacuum so the more space we can make, the more exciting new things will be able to come to us. Let’s make sure we can make that space available!

* * *

Take a moment for this short exercise, then watch the meditation and solidify these changes.

Without thinking too much about it, write down three things you feel you’re still hanging on to too tightly. We do not need to know how we will let them go, just that we want to be free of them. This includes any feelings, thoughts, behaviours, habits, relationships, anything at all. Write the first things that come to your mind, what your gut tells you.

Now is the fun part! It’s time to use your imagination and ask your heart what it really wants to bring into your life in the next 3-6 months. Nothing is off limits. Dream big! Write down 3 things that can take the space of the things you are letting go of. Again, you don’t need to know how, just that you do want them, really want them.

Sit with those lists for a moment and really internalize them. How does it feel when you think of what you want to let go of? Do you feel tense? Stuck? Unsure? Really ready to let them go? Now, on the flip side, how does it feel when you think of your dreams?

Wouldn’t it be nice to put the energy being claimed by your fears and feeling stuck, and put that fully toward the positivity of manifesting the life you’d like?

Play the meditation, and really let yourself get involved with it, thinking of your lists as you go. Visualize with the words, and it will help you to follow along with your intentions to release where you feel stuck and manifest all good things into your life.

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