Ideas for Manifesting with the New Moon

Many people have asked me today what they could do to make the most of the beautiful energy of the new moon. When the moon is void in the sky, think of it like an open window or blank canvas ready to let whatever in that you let in, ready to paint the life of your dreams. Intentions set on a new moon usually manifest within 3-6 months or sooner.

The new moon peaks at 8:16am April 26th, 2017 ( so as I type this, it is about 7 hours until the peak. For the 8 hours surrounding the new moon, both before and after, manifesting energy is heightened and most ideal.

There are several things you can do to enhance this, but the most important is your intention. When you hold your desire in your heart and can truly see, and feel, it coming into your life, you are on your way! This is no time for doubts, or to let the negative self talk creep in.

You are a beautiful human being deserving of all you dream.

There are a couple meditations on my YouTube channel to help your process.
the newest one:
One from a previous article:

Below is an Abundance Cheque that you can download and hang prominently where you will see it often this month. 
Fill in your name both where it says c/o and Pay to the order of. Date it with today’s date and fill in an amount that you could reasonably get in the next month ($10 million if you are only making $5,000 will be more of a challenge to manifest than $10,000 or $25,000, baby steps are best) Sign it above where it says “thank you thank you thank you” and repeat that every time you look at the cheque.

Sit and quietly contemplate what you’d like to see manifest in your life in the next 3-6 months. How would you like your life to be different? Is there a health goal you want to focus on? Improving a relationship? Travel? Developing a character trait (such as confidence, assertiveness, self love)? Nothing is off limits, the only limits are your imagination.

You can write this on a decorative paper or a sticky note; the important thing is the feeling behind what you write down. As you contemplate this activity, really feel what it would be like when those things manifest, as if they were happening already. I like to do mine on big poster board so there’s no missing it and I’m reminded of my goals often.

One thing I usually pair with the previous contemplation exercise is answering this key question:

“how do I have to see myself on the inside to become the person I need to be on the outside to achieve these goals?”

Often we have old messages that fill us with doubt and anxiety when we try to achieve more, or dare to manifest big dreams. We need to realize that we are deserving of all the good that’s coming to us, or it wouldn’t be coming our way. Oftentimes we just need to get out of our own way!

Take one step each day towards helping what you’ve written to manifest. The universe needs you on board with this process!

You can also meditate with pyrite, citrine or adventurine and use pachouli essential oil to add the extra metaphysical boost to your manifesting activities.

If you are looking for extra accountability and custom guidance, I offer abundance coaching packages to help you take your manifesting to the next level. Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation and get on your way to reaching new heights so you can live the life you deserve. Happy Manifesting!

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