Perspective Shift

With a perspective shift this morning, fear, anxiety and feelings of scarcity were replaced with love, abundance and gratitude. Truly a beautiful process.

Things play out how they are meant to for us to learn lessons and grow stronger, even if we don’t feel strong or want to learn those lessons. Even if they are lessons of loss and pain and struggle and hurt….These are sometimes when the lesson is about reaching out to those close to us and letting them love us and give us strength through all that hurt.

This is such a difficult time of year for so many because of cultural traditions and societal “norms” that are not norms at all. People feel lonely and hurting because the heaviness of loss seems an even bigger burden to bear when we see happy cheerful families but that is only a small minority of the population in reality. Emotions are high and come out of ridiculous places this time of year. There’s no real normal.

We are each unique and beautiful souls who live life how we are meant to…we need to honour and accept ourselves with love. All it takes is a perspective shift, which may be easier said then done…but it’s a choice to focus on the pain or focus on the love. I’ve met many brave people that could easily choose to focus on the pain and be totally justified, yet they step into courage and dare to live a life of love and gratitude. they are my heroes.

There are many ways to not feel alone during the holidays, and if being alone is what you need to process and heal, that’s okay too! It’s all okay! When you take care of yourself (Priority #1!!) then the rest will fall how it will. Be kind to yourself this time of year, (and yes, I need to remind myself of this too)

Give without the thought of getting anything in return, for it’s in this true spirit of giving that we find the most benefits and love, for ourselves and everyone around.

I’m wishing everyone reading this a peaceful, kind and loving holiday. Be good to yourself. Honour yourself and the rest will be magical. Love is magical and it’s the season for love.

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