Celebrating Summer Solstice

Today marks the midway point of the year, the longest day, the most sunlight, 16 hours and 38 minutes to be precise!

Regardless of your faith, extra sunlight is always a great thing to celebrate! So I’ve created a list of things you could do to honour the day today. Choose as many or as few as resonate with you, or create your own ways to celebrate the light.

  • Journal what you’d like to let go of, things weighing you down or draining your light, safely burn it
  • Journal gratitude and what you’d like to welcome into your life, wash in water
  • Have a refreshing shower or relaxing bath
  • make/add to a vision board, refresh it with new images and words you’d like to bring into your life and experience, look at it daily
  • Cleanse and declutter living space
  • Do a Creative activity (music, writing, painting, colouring)
  • BBQ your dinner tonight and celebrate the nourishment with fire
  • Go on a hike, take the long route!
  • Sunstone and moonstone are perfect crystals for meditating on at this time
  • Create a tea with mugwort, lemon balm, mint and lavender and enjoy while watching the sunset
  • *witchy bonus* At dusk, using a white or yellow spell candle, imagine what you wish for with strong intention and how it can also benefit the greater whole of society, carve a desire you’d like to manifest into the candle ($ sign for financial abundance, apple or + for health, stick figure for a person, etc) and burn till completely out (roughly 1 hour)
  • Have sex🤔😄😀😜 truly, under the astrology sign of cancer it’s the best time to balance masculine and feminine energies so have some fun!!

Have fun with your solstice celebrations! I’d love to hear what you plan to do. Most of all, enjoy the light 😀

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