Sending Love to those who need it

After the workshop yesterday my heart was filled with so much love and gratitude for the experience. I started reflecting though on the main reason I was overflowing with so much love and I wanted to share my deepest love, caring and hope with not just the people who were at the workshop but so very many in my life right now.

Your courage to keep going through some very dark challenging times, to face fears head on, to wake up one more day and try again… It doesn’t go unnoticed. You inspire me. I feel humbled and honoured with how so many have trusted me to reach out as they’ve been struggling, for a listening ear and caring. There have been a lot of very dark times for so many people right now. I am proud of us for keeping on trying through some really tough shit. I’m grateful to be trusted, and want you to know that being there for you helps keep me going too.

This summer has been a doozy for me, bringing me to some incredibly dark places that I’ve almost given up from. There have been so many tears, from a deep place I’ve only felt a couple times in my life. There has been a total mental shake up, healing and rebuilding, reassessing the fundamentals of life, priorities and what’s important. There have been second chances to rebuild stronger. New connections, old connections rekindled, and far too many lost. But the quality of contact in my life has increased, and become more genuine and heartfelt. For that I am so grateful. It’s been difficult, and I haven’t reached out or shared much. But every day I choose again to keep trying, to keep moving forward, even if the outlook feels bleak at times. I keep going.

And that’s what I was reflecting on, how many of us choose to live each day despite the darkness. That we keep going, keep trying, keep hoping. We touch people’s lives without even realizing the impact of our ripple. The world deserves our ripple. Our candle doesn’t dim by helping to light another’s. It is in our vulnerablity that we can truly connect. By reaching out to others to share our imperfections, we help them too. We allow them to be imperfect too. We are gentle with ourselves. By having patience for all the stuff others have to deal with and go through in their lives that we may not even know about, we spread kindness, compassion, love. That gentleness may be all someone needs to keep trying one more day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, threatened by dark thoughts, lost, doubtful, angry or confused, please know you aren’t alone. You don’t have to have it all figured out today, tomorrow or even this month. You don’t have to do it alone. I am sending you my overflowing love and caring. Please reach out if you need to. We can do this, together ❤️🙏🤗

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