That leads us to manifesting! When you are in the flow of momentum, manifesting becomes much easier.

You are feeling the rewards of success and are in a high vibrational state. You can see what you want, coming to you much easier. When you can get
aligned with the feelings surrounding what you want to bring into your life, and feel them in the present moment – like you already have what you want or need, you align with the vibration of that item and it can come to you quite quickly.

That is why gratitude lists work wonders for manifesting. You should write things you will be grateful for in the present tense, as if you already have them. I combine my gratitude lists. Part of my list is things I am grateful for right now, in the moment, and in the last part of it, I include things I am grateful that are on their way to me, as if I’m enjoying them right now, in the moment. This practice sends out a powerful intention to the Universe that you are ready to receive!

Often, we are our own worst enemies though, subconsciously blocking our manifesting with doubt or impatience. We consciously think, “Of course I want that. Of course I deserve it.” But old patterns, sometimes dating back to our childhood, place an upper limit on our lives. If we haven’t addressed these issues, all the conscious believing in the world won’t get us what we want or need.

Healing these beliefs isn’t an easy process, but it’s necessary in order to align our subconscious beliefs and vibrations with where we want to be in our lives. Active repetition of affirmations to counter the negative self-talk and beliefs is one of the best ways to reprogram our mind. It may seem illogical at first, and your mind will try to convince you it’s a silly waste of time, but it truly works.

Years ago, I went to a retreat for healing codependency, right after I left my partner of eight years. I had faith that the facilitator was living a life of freedom that I wanted to learn how to live.

When we were there, she gave us these papers with affirmations on them. We were to highlight the ones that stood out as causing us some
discomfort or disbelief.

One of the activities we were to do between the two different weekends of this retreat, was to say these affirmations to ourselves every day for the 21 days. I was so skeptical, thinking, “I paid good money to say some phrases? What did I get myself into?”

Not even one week into this practice, I was already noticing outstanding changes in my confidence and I was blown away. I called the facilitator up and expressed my gratitude for these “simple little phrases” that changed my life. I still use them to this day.

I came across a book by Louise Hay that I recommend to everyone can, called Heal Your Body. It’s a powerful little book. The main substance of the book is an unassuming chart. On the left side it has ailments that we experience, down the middle it has the emotional/spiritual causes, and on the right side it has an affirmation
that will heal the ailments.

I went through this book and wrote down all the affirmations for anything even a little bit wrong with me. I recorded them on my phone. It’s a six-minute recording, and when I listen to it, I cry.

It is so powerful, because these messages are not ones I readily accept, which is why I’m working through the health issues I am—my
unhealthy subconscious emotional programming has manifested physically. Listening to this recording is changing my programming and teaching me to love and accept myself. It is powerful stuff, and is helping me to align to all the good I deserve that has been waiting
for me!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of “Manifesting”

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