Gas Light Chances

I do a lot of traveling for work and personal activities and it has created some interesting behaviours. Some are more productive than others.

One such unproductive behaviour, is flirting on the edge with the gas light. I do try to shop around for cheaper gas if I can since I tend to know where the cheaper stations are located on my travels.

But living in a town away from other towns has certain advantages and disadvantages. We usually have cheaper gas, but if I’m traveling from the city, 45km away, and my gas light comes on, I often take a deep breath and decide to chance it.

I know I can travel 50km usually after the light comes on and some days I feel more daring than others. Luckily, on the way there is another small town with a gas station, 11km from home.

Usually by the time I reach that station, I have decided it’s better not to live on the edge with gas, and I stop and fill up. I leave the more daring leaps of faith to my career opportunities, although the adrenaline rush for those 35km is fun.

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