Restoring After Change

For quite some time there was a dumpster sitting on the grass outside the retirement home next door. I suppose they were doing renovations of sorts and once they were done, they removed the dumpster.

Without proper sunlight and air to breathe, all the grass underneath seemed to die off. It was yellow and flat, looking like it was past the point of saving.

As some time passed, I noticed the area getting a bit green again. There was life coming back! All it took was having the area left on its own and it found a way to restore itself.

Sometimes we can become closed off and wilted when we don’t have contact with the world around us – both nature and other people. As an introvert, I still find stimulation being around others, even if I need time to retreat to myself afterward. Finding the balance and rejuvenating myself in nature, helps me keep my life healthy and flourishing.

A few months after removing the dumpster, the area is back looking like the dumpster was never even there. Bad stuff may happen to cause us to lose our shine, but “this too shall pass” is true, that we will always find a way to be okay again.

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