What’s on Your Bucket List?

Not only was Bucket List a great movie, but the concept helps propel people forward in their life as well. It has been proven that people gain a sense of accomplishment and pride when they check things off a list. It has a very powerful mental association towards motivation and increasing self esteem. Even when it’s something very small, it’s worth putting it on your daily, or weekly list to gain this motivation.

So what happens when your list contains larger items, like a list of things you want to do before you die? On the surface it might seem like a morbid thought, but bare with me here. Like your small daily lists of future accomplishments to take care of, making a list of more meaningful life things can help fulfill a bigger sense of purpose, than say, picking up milk on the way home.

Thinking of items for your bucket list, you’ll need to take a step back and really look at what’s most important to your life. It will give your priorities a shake. For myself, I value my writing time, and I say it is a priority. Yet, I don’t make time for it daily. When I say, I don’t have enough time, what I’m really saying is, it’s not a priority.

So let’s look at that in relation to the bucket list. We can work away at our 9-5 job all day, factor in the commute and it leads to feeling drained and tired in the evening. We “don’t have time” for the gym, or household chores, let alone a bucket list. But let’s reframe that.

There’s an interesting concept I heard about changing your phrasing to change your mind. Instead of “I have to vacuum”, reframe it to “I get to vacuum” because I have a wonderful home to take care of. “I get to do the dishes” because I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a good meal; you get the idea.

So with the bucket list, you can get more excited about making time for items when you say “I get to work on my book that I want to get published and share with others” or “I’m alive and free and I get to go ziplining across the Gorge this summer”.

We don’t have to settle! Life is a wonderful opportunity to do things we enjoy. This will give us more energy for the things that are necessary to have the resources to do those bucket list things. Maybe you are fortunate enough that your things that are necessary are actually things that you love. They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Maybe that’s your main bucket list item. Let me know what’s on your list! I’d love to get some ideas for mine 😉

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