Flying and Determination

As I was driving recently I saw a flock of birds sitting at the side of the road up ahead. My car approaching seemed to startle them and they all took off, launching themselves into the air with such ease.

Except for one bird. He seemed to be struggling, flapping so hard trying to catch the air under his wings so he could join the rest of his group. Harder and harder his wings flapped.

I watched him intently, inspired by his determination. Finally with one more gentle flap of his wings, he was able to get himself going and get into the air. He was able to soar the highest of all the birds with grace, quite contrary to what he exhibited on the ground.

I reflected on how often I have seen others (and experienced it myself) struggling hard and fighting to take off, yet all it seems to take is a deep breath, a little faith and letting go and the next steps flow with ease that we could not find before.

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