Lighting the Way

There’s a streetlight that shines on the path near me but it’s a motion sensor light. Most of the time it’s off, until it senses a car or a person approaching. It stays on until the car or person is passed, and then it goes off again. It lights the way for that brief moment, and once it’s done it’s job it shuts off for another time.

People approach it, trusting it will turn on and light their way. Although, they may instinctively know their path from traveling it so many times, I can see that it helps them, just that little bit more.

We have had an issue with skunks visiting lately, so it’s especially helpful when you don’t know what kind of critter may be hanging out in the darkness.

Trusting that there will be something to light our way is certainly something we need to get comfortable with in our lives. I don’t always know what’s coming next, or how something will come about, but I trust that I will be shown the next steps I’m meant to take, when I pause and listen with patience.

My way in life will be illuminated, one streetlight at a time.


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