Accepting Change & Perspective Shift

It’s that time of year again where the leaves change colour, and everyone marvels at their beauty. We travel far and wide to take in the sights and enjoy all the colours. I’ve even seen line ups for hours down the highway to get into Algonquin Park to see the rich spectacle, but that’s another post.

If you look at it from a scientific perspective, the leaves changing colour can actually be a bit sad. The leaves are losing their chlorophyll and dying off, and the chemical composition is changing to reveal the colours that we see.

But for most of us, we ignore the scientific basis behind the leave changing and we accept this is the natural cycle of life, and we enjoy it while we can, knowing winter will soon be here. We enjoy the moment of beauty, and shift our perspective to the positive splash of colour.

Often we struggle with change, but if we can think of this simple process and how easily we shift that perspective, maybe it can make other shifts a bit easier as well. Everything is impermanent and we can enjoy it while we can.

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