In This Moment

A couple years ago, when it was a particularly spectacular year for watching the leaves change colour, I noticed a very large line up to get into Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario. The radio said the wait was between 6-8 hours, and the cars stretched down the highway.

I had to pause for a moment in my driving to consider the reality of this. Here we were in Northern Ontario, with leaves and water and rocks all around us, and people were insisting on idling in their cars to get into one place, packed with many many more people, to see trees that were apparently different than the ones I was seeing all around me?

I took a deep breath and went exploring down some of the side roads. There were no other people, I could stop as long as I want, I could get out and take a short hike into the trees and be surrounded on all sides by the beautiful splash of colour.

Often we miss what’s right under our noses because we think that what’s in the next place, or what’s most popular is better than what we have. I am filled with gratitude for all I get to experience already in my life, every single day. What moments are you missing because you aren’t looking around you in the moment?

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