What is Really Important

I find healing at the lake, and go often to ground myself and get centered when life gets a little bit crazy. Watching the waves flow in and out and in and out calms my soul and helps me put life in perspective.

Things seem to happen all at once, or nothing at all. It’s how we handle each moment that will help us succeed or struggle in life. When I go to the lake, thoughts swirling and going every which direction, I’m forced to stop and just take it all in.

Seeing water extend to the horizon and beyond, feels so much bigger than me. It’s not meant to make me feel insignificant, but to really get me thinking of the bigger picture. It gives me perspective on how everything affects each other, and what’s really important.

No matter what’s going on in my life, the waves keep coming on shore, and leaving, completing their rhythm despite what the energy inside me is doing. They do their thing, despite what’s going on around them. I too must find this place inside myself, to keep going, and doing my thing, despite what’s going on around me.

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