Kindness Cards

Good morning everyone! I’m making up a brand new batch of kindness cards since it is suicide prevention month and we could all use a bit of a boost as the days get shorter and colder.

If you haven’t heard of them it’s something I started two years ago, small cards with encouraging phrases on them that you can give to people struggling so they are reminded they are loved and important. I leave them random places like coffee shops, public washrooms, in books, etc holding faith that the people who need them will find them when they need them. They have been sent to 7 different countries and all over Canada, really all over to spread hope and love when it’s needed most. I have had such a phenomenal response, that they have arrived with perfect timing to so many, and I want to keep that trend going.

This year I’m doing it on a donation basis, pay what you can. If you would like some and can’t afford them, contact me anyway and I will mail them to you, with the only stipulation that you must hand some of them out 🙂 once I cover my costs the rest of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian association of suicide prevention.

The cards are about 1.5″x1″ and come in 5 neon colours.
There’s 18 different phrases on them. On the back it reminds people they aren’t alone, & to reach out for help. Along with the email address to get more cards if they want

They come in packs of 10, 25 or 50, or if you need more for an organization please let me know. Send me an message with how many you’d like to hand out, your address, & how much you’d like to pay towards it, if you can. They will get out in the next week. Thank you for sharing in spreading love and kindness ♡

11 people die unnecessarily every day of suicide in Canada. Every small act of love can make a difference. Thank you everyone for your support ❤

And if you have a kindness card story to share please do in the comments 🙂 I’d love to hear them!!

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