Just Start Writing

Just start writing. You need to turn the tap on to make the words flow, even if it’s crap; at least you’ve started, you can’t edit a blank page. Write like
no one will read it but you. All nuggets of advice I’ve shared hundreds of times now, and four months after I announced this book, this is the first I’ve started writing for it.

Fear, fear of what? Success, being heard, putting myself out there. I have overcome the common fears I hear of “what if no one wants to read my writing,” “I don’t have anything interesting to say,” “I’m not a writer.” I overcame them by putting myself out there, writing from my heart. I started my poetry blog seven years ago. I often reflect on the comments I receive. I say, “I don’t even know these people! They didn’t even have to comment!” As people share such heartfelt things about how my writing has touched or moved them, I am so humbled.

But even after eight years of running workshops and helping others find
their creative voice, I still catch my breath with a flutter of nerves and lump in my throat as I go to share. I hope that I never lose that humble feeling. I have that too as I sit to write this piece, at one of my very special places by the lake, listening to the waves crash on this stormy day, watching my pup destroy another stick, excited to be in nature. This is my peace, my Motivation

I read the pieces submitted from all the brave souls that are contributing to this book. I am again humbled, honored and motivated. So many have shared with me deep struggles they are going through.

For some, life became too much and they needed to withdraw from the book. To those, I send my love and strength. The journey is full of challenges and potholes that we must navigate.

Sometimes a successful day is simply getting out of bed, and for some, the
successful day involves choosing to live. There have been so many around me that have succumbed to the darkness that I too, have faced. And there are more who have faced the darkness and refused to let it win.

Each day is a miracle and an opportunity to choose love. That’s why I wanted to put this book together. To help give hope, inspiration, and to share that miracles do happen and they are available to
us all. A Course in Miracles describes a miracle as a holy instant, when we
can turn fear into love. When we choose again, and decide to move
forward with life, with our dreams; we manifest miracles. We all deserve miracles and to live a life of minimal struggle.

That doesn’t mean we won’t experience pain or darkness, but we will have the tools, strength, resources and faith to see ourselves through.

I hope this book will be added to your toolbox for the next time you need a
boost. Please know, myself and the authors in this book are just humans
too, navigating this journey the same as you. We all have our personal stories, life changing events that have come into our lives. From illness, losing loved ones, divorce and separation, moving, concussions, business success and abundance, business failures and setbacks, internal self-critics to overcome, surgeries, self-doubt, preparing to welcome new babies, marriage, the whole range of the human experience is locked up behind the words of this book.

Please accept with humble gratitude our stories, poems, tips, and wisdom
and may you find yourself in these pages and may it give you comfort.
You are important. You matter. Your voice matters. We hear you, and send our love

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