Getting Out of My Own Way

Allow me to see situations through the lens of compassion and love.

Allow me to stay calm and trust that the universe has my back and it’s all working out.

Allow me to make healthy choices to move my life forward and be able to help others.

Allow me to focus and confidently know which projects to work on first, to be able to serve the most people.

Guide me to see the love in situations instead of fear or mistrust.

Guide me to have faith and trust and let go of the obsessive thinking that leaves me exhausted.

Remind me all is working out and I am safe and okay.

Help me to hold on to hope to get through the challenges and know this too shall pass.

Keep me safe in mind and body and help me make the choices I need to, for helping my life move forward.

Please help me speak and act with compassion, patience and love and not cause more hurt in any situation.

Please help me choose my words with Divine Guidance so they may be for the good of all concerned.

Please help me maintain a calm and even composure when it is needed most.

Guide me to know what to say and how to proceed, to start my life over in this time of new beginnings.

Allow me to get out of my own way so that the Universe may work through me for the highest good.

Remind me that I am not running the show and it’s okay to let go and just trust that all is working out how it’s meant to.

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