Trust the Magic

Surrender and give thanks for all the things in your life, even the painful experiences or happenings that may not look like blessings at first glance.

Sometimes the strength you build up from the challenges is the blessing you need to share with others to help them through darkness, which in turn will help you, if you’re open to it.

The clouds of pain will part. The sun will shine another day. We get breaks in the bad to give us peace and we get breaks in the good to give us perspective and appreciation.

  • What are you efforting in your life today?
  • Are you pushing or forcing an outcome that your ego thinks needs to happen?
  • Do you need to let go a little more and lean into faith that all is working out how it’s meant to?
  • Even if that may not include things being the way you “want” but the way you need?

Trust in the process and know that life is happening for you, not to you, in divine timing. Trust the process of becoming.

It’s like a caterpillar who creates a chrysalis, not fully realizing he will be completely undone before he is totally transformed. He just trusts the next steps and listens to his instinct. He knows to prepare and eat as much as he can. He knows to create a button. He knows to transform himself inside out and patiently wait for his gooey self to be created into something magical and beautiful.

Trust the goo. It’s not pretty and may even be a bit painful and a lot uncertain. But your wings are being prepared. One step at a time.

Learn all you can during this transformation. Open yourself up to all the wonders around. Give thanks for each thing. Know they are each music notes in your symphony, carefully orchestrated to create the beautiful piece of music that is you. Don’t leave before the denouement. Rest if you must, but keep the metronome going. One note at a time, surrender and listen.

When you slow down and quiet yourself, you open yourself up to allow the magic in. Don’t shut down your heart. Let the inspiration come. Let it flow. Allow the magic to come through you and find its way to heal your heart. The words have been waiting to come.

Powerful magic is gathering, pleading with you to allow the alchemy of words that only you can create. This is your moment. This is your magic. It’s your power, your healing. Trust the guidance. Allow the flow. This has all happened for a very specific purpose:

Massive, huge healing, deep and powerful.

Special moments move through you for a bigger purpose. You’ve been blocking for so long now; let it pour out. Let it come. It’s been waiting.

Don’t push the magic away. There is a much bigger purpose to this. This is bigger than you can imagine. You are now back on the path you’ve been meant for and all these hard lessons you’ve been collecting will make you so powerful. You have it in you to help so many, humbly, when you get out of your own way.

You’ve picked up bad habits. Habits that aren’t you. Shed them and find your fire cloak. Rise again like the phoenix and let the past burn behind you. Only the lessons, detached, are allowed to come on this journey. Step into your power.

  • Stop playing small and wanting to give up.
  • Stop allowing distractions to destroy you.
  • Stop the addictions, the codependency on people and things.
  • Stop the attachment. Find your power. Step into it.
  • Stop comparing. You are not comparable.

Find your own path. Your own journey. Shed the layers of pain, toxicity, limitation, and lack.

Unlearn these patterns. Do not allow that energy any longer. You are not a victim. You are not helpless. You do not need external validation. You do not need to effort. You do not need
to fear because all that is happening is purposeful.

Relax. Breathe. Come back into your own body. Be present. Be in your body. Accept it how it is, take care of it, love it. Know that as you heal, it will too. Do not focus on the illnesses. Be mindful of all your talk.

You do not need to play small. You are powerful and strong. You do not need to give up. What is meant to be is on its way to you. Trust. Open yourself to knowing. Trust yourself. Breathe.

Calm down. Center into your body. It’s okay to be present. It’s okay to be in your body. The past cannot hurt you. It’s no longer real. It is a story that you can share lessons from for people to relate to and heal.

It.Is.Not.Who.You.Are. It is not your life anymore.

Your life is one of power and confidence, assertiveness, success and happiness. You do not have to struggle or effort anymore. You can change your perspective and detach from anything that is not bringing you joy.

You deserve joy. You deserve a calm peaceful life. You deserve to live life how you want.

You do not need to accept others’ definitions.

You do not have to jump whenever someone tells you to.

You do not have to let others moods dictate how you feel.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to stay happy and compassionately detach, while staying supportive. You do not have to fix or save anyone.

Find peace within yourself and you will allow the magic to flow. Connect to higher wisdom more often. Find courage and peace and the answers and guidance you seek. Stop being so specific. Listen more. Be still. Be quiet. Wait for guidance. Trust the answers will come.

Allow. Trust—not in others, but in the stillness inside. For too long you have been unacquainted with the stillness. In the stillness healing happens.

You’ve lost yourself. You have forgotten your needs. What is necessary for you to stay sane? You have allowed others to run your life. You have allowed others to make decisions.

When you quiet yourself and slow down enough to get out of your own way, you are given guidance for yourself and others. You’ve had glimpses and that’s what was breaking your heart. You’d get a snippet of what you were meant for, and then allow someone else to erase that from your mind.

Now is the time to connect with you. The slate has been clearing to eliminate distractions. It is your choice to connect with this divine healing and guidance.

You are meant for more. Allow the words and healing to start to flow again. It’s truly what you are meant for.

Don’t doubt. Just write.

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