Shifting Perspectives

Interesting the perceptions of the world. Food for thought… We really have no idea what anyone else is going through, where their priorities or challenges are, or what baggage from the past they still carry heavy on their heart. With the high rate of people giving up their lives in society today, we could all add a bit of extra kindness and compassion in our “random” interactions with others. That extra smile or hand up may be what carries them through the day.

Recently I have been doing A LOT of soul searching and asking for guidance from the universe. If it’s true our lives are what we create, then I have been determined to create something different than my present reality. I am grateful for all the blessings, don’t get me wrong, but there have been some significant challenges in every area of my life I could certainly do with learning the lessons from and moving on. From many I’ve spoken with, I am not alone. The energies around us in the world today are intense. They are affecting people aware of woo woo and not 🙂 the vibration of the planet is increasing, and frankly, I want to be on that ride to manifest the heck out of my dreams.

I have been healing from my 2nd concussion over the last few weeks and through the help of two amazing energy healers I know, I have been winning the battle. I’m having more good days than bad. I’m taking less meds every day.

But I still have my moments. Like in the grocery store just now. Busy places, bright lights, they really disorient me. I had about 25 items and accidentally went in the express lane. When I realized it I felt bad. There was a couple, very much in love and happy, behind me with two items. I said they could go ahead, cause I wasn’t thinking and made an error. They fussed was I sure, omg how kind, etc and went in front, all smiles. As I had my purchases rung through, I apologized to the cashier, said I had a concussion gap, she reassured me not to worry, it was okay. Then a gentleman behind me with two drinks started fussing with the woman behind him about rude people being inconsiderate in the express lane with too many items. He asked her if she wanted to do a survey to express her concern, that he’d give her bonus pc points. She said she was too busy, especially with the extra delay. The cashier gave me a caring look, finished ringing me through and I left.

It got me reflecting more on the difference of experience. And what I would choose to focus on. I’m grateful I could buy healthy groceries to improve my health. I’m grateful for caring people. I’m grateful for the abundance of options we have in our society, both in food choices, and ways to treat our fellow beings.

I’ve come across some scary articles in the news lately of trends in society and it confirmed why I haven’t been following the news closely. We are what we consume, in ou bodies and minds. We have the power to shift the energy and create a new reality. One filled with love, acceptance, caring, respect and kindness. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s happening. There is a huge divide happening, and I choose to bring light to this world. I will not settle for the darkness. I hope you can reflect on your choices today as well, and do some good in your little corner of the world. The ripple effect will be farther than you’ll know ❤️

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